Property Management

Expert property management Choose Core Realty

At Core Realty, property management is our core business; Melbourne is at its heart and our winning approach to customers is at the centre of our success. Our success comes from our expert people, who can help you to manage and maintain your investment property, ensuring maximum return on investment.

We believe our hard work, passion and world-class service are what set us apart.

Our customers, their interests and expectations all come first. Building trust through long term relationships with them, whether they’re in Australia, in Asia and beyond, achieving lasting success and delivering winning outcomes for them are all part of the Core Realty advantage.

Our Service Level

Our customers entrust their properties to us with 100% peace of mind because they know we provide a COMPLETE, end-to-end property management service, including ›

• Leasing and management of off-the-plan developments and existing properties
• Marketing of rental property and creation of relevant marketing collateral across various media
• Tenant selection procedures
• Lease document preparation, administration and implementation
• Bond administration, collection and subsequent lodgement/submission
• Collection of rental payments, in accordance with the tenancy agreement, paying attention to arrears control and prevention
• Pay authorised accounts, statutory charges, rates, insurance premiums, body corporate fee and other payments on behalf of landlord.
• Regular rental payments and income statements detailing all outgoings to landlord
• Regular routine property inspections and ongoing maintenance with regular reporting
• Liaison between owner/landlord, owners corporation, tenant as well as maintenance and tradespeople.
• Representation of landlord in special cases such as Tribunal & court appearance
• Project management of capital repairs, improvements and defects rectification stage as part of any building warranty (if applicable)
• Documentation and management of all repair and maintenance quotes and invoices
• Advising on Landlords Protection Insurance options and assisting with claims when necessary
• Documentation of outgoings to facilitate auditing/accounting and tax returns, including provision of Depreciation Schedule (if applicable)
• Representation of landlord in special cases such as Tribunal & court appearance
• Project management of capital repairs, improvements and defects rectification stage as part of any building warranty (if applicable)

How we work

Achieving maximum success of your investment property is the outcome of effective and considered sales and property management that requires dedication, diligence and commitment. The stages we go through towards successful property management may be the same, but we know that every landlord has his or her unique interests; their properties have equally unique features. That’s why our team provides a personalised service every step of the way, as outlined in our processes below.


Overview: Property Management Process

Stage 1. Preparation/Laying the Stringent Tenant Regular/Ongoing foundation for your success Selection Maintenance

• Marketing your property early for longer exposure • Shortlist and identify the best tenants
• Frequent property inspections to comprehend your property’s unique proposition/selling point • Conduct extensive screening processes compliant to industrystandards
• Prepare a condition report that reflects accurately the state of your property prior to tenant’s occupancy.
• Provide expert advice to maximise your investment property’s positioning and performance

Stage 2. Stringent Tenant Selection

• Shortlist and identify the best tenants
• Conduct extensive screening processes compliant to industry standards
• Preparation of a comprehensive lease agreement, review and lodgement of all documentation for your convenience

Stage 3. Regular/Ongoing Maintenance

• Conduct an agreed schedule of regular inspections of the property when tenanted
• Identify, address and rectify any maintenance issues before they escalate
• Maintain regular communication with landlords, tenants and tradespeople on all matters including quotes, timeframes and progress

Stage 4. Financials – Processing, Rent Review, Evaluation, Reporting & Administration Adjustment

• Establish and maintain property and rental records
• Our zero tolerance stance on rental arrears helps to ensure rent arrives on time, every time
• Receive regular statements and an annual revenue and expenditure summary for easy tax returns submission

Stage 5. Rent Review, Evaluation, Adjustment

• We monitor Melbourne’s property trends, developments and market rates to assist in performing regular rent reviews

“It’s key to keep landlords ‘in the loop’ with regular communication. In managing repairs, I advise my landlords when the timeframe changes and why, to manage their expectations of the completion date.”
David Chen, Property Manager



The Core Realty Experience: What you can expect

1. Up your property’s appeal
Once we’re appointed, we help you present your property in the best light, aimed at communicating your property’s unique proposition, therefore improving its desirability and its ability to attract top quality tenants and achieve the highest possible rental returns.

2. Promote your property
We incorporate marketing campaigns with a focus on cost-effectiveness, utilising established offline and traditional media, as well as digital and online media to optimise coverage. We recommend the following mediums:
• Internet websites – www., www. and www.

3. Target and handpick the right tenants
ur marketing efforts aim at targeting a vast number of high quality tenants, who present the combination of traits (specific occupation, age, demographic, high disposable incomes (etc.) that make them the ideal occupant for your property’s positioning in the


4. Manage your property with minimal fuss
Our team of experienced Property Managers are always on standby to ensure all needs are met to the best of our abilities. You’ll receive regular comprehensive routine inspection reports and communication about tenant updates, rental payment follow-ups and rent reviews conducted. It’s peace of mind for you, knowing you are in control, entrusting your investment property to us.

5. Care, not just maintain your property
Even though the tenant is permitted to carry out urgent repairs for, we always recommend tenants to make their property manager the first point of contact before taking action. Our involvement in all repairs big and small means that the matter is safely in our expert hands. Our experience can help to expedite repairs, ensure the work is certified, thereby protecting the property, the owner and the tenant, reducing the chance of a compensation claim against you, the Landlord. Your property is then sustainable and competitive in the market in the long run.

6. Manage your tenants effectively
We aim to build a close, trusting yet professional relationship with your tenants through honest and clear communication, using a firm yet fair approach so that we can guide them towards being abiding, model tenants/ occupants.

7. Hassle-free administration and support
We’ll take care of all council rates, water rates, insurance, repairs and maintenance, body corporate fees and the settlement of any other accounts on your behalf in a timely manner. They will be reflected in the detailed monthly property management statement, showing the tenants paid to date as well. A summary will also be prepared at the end of the financial year in July to assist you with your annual tax returns. We zoom in on everything about your property that may help to maximise your tax deductions.

8. Personalised, expert advice
A valuation on your property showing rental comparisons and a preventative maintenance report is available upon request. You can then consult with your property manager for advice on repairs and maintenance such as the upgrades and improvements that can up your property’s value and rental income, Landlords Protection Insurance coverage and other areas for your greater peace of mind.

9. Payments, on time, every time
We have zero tolerance to rental arrears; we will do our best to ensure that you receive your rental on time every month. We have tried and tested systems in place that implement regular tenant follow up and reminders to prevent the occurrence of late or missed payments.



  1. Post details of property on Internet – 4 sites.
  2. Include property on rental list.
  3. Promote property to prospective tenants on database.
  4. Option to advertise property in The Age / Melbourne Times / Melbourne Weekly as per client’s approval.
  5. Market executive properties to corporate clients.
  6. Complete tenancy inspection by appointment.
  7. Process and screen tenants through appropriate means.
  8. Negotiations with tenants.
  9. Preparation of Lease Agreements.
  10. Completion of Condition Reports – written and photos.
  11. Receipting and transfer of bonds.
  12. Receipting of rents.
  13. Transfer of rents into your bank account.
  14. Full statements outlining tenants paid to date, rent received, disbursements and management Fees.
  15. End of financial year statement.
  16. Rent reviews.
  17. Re negotiation of Lease Agreement.
  18. Internal Inspections.